lunes, 1 de noviembre de 2010

golden leaves

Not very sure about how it will turn out... I spent the day thinking, thinking, looking for a little piece of creativity, searching every corner to find something special. The day was actually full of little special moments like the lunch, the walk around the pond, the playgrounds... but somehow, since it was a Holiday, I was never alone and did not really have the time to sit and "produce" anything. Strange day. I felt at first very hungry, then very tired, then hungry again... and soon I'll be heading to bed.

Anyhow, it was getting dark and it was more and more clear to me that I would not be posting anythig today (what a sad beginning, right?) when all of a sudden, I saw the tree out the window. There it was... happy to receive the last rays of the day, which -unexpectedly- turned his uppermost leaves into gold...

4 comentarios:

  1. What a beautiful photo of trees in the last light of the day!
    Not a sad beginning at all!
    Thank you for your comment on my blog!

  2. It's a beautiful photo...the moment comes when you least expect it!!!!

  3. I agree with Judy, not a sad beginning at all! I love this view of the golden tops of trees!