miércoles, 3 de noviembre de 2010

learning to let go

Today, I attended a nude drawing session and enjoyed the process and the progress!
I got some great tips like, for example, that you should absolutely relax your arm, hand and fingers -I dropped the pencil several times- and your wrist does the job. We were told -and I felt relieved- that precision comes with time and that we should concentrate on the line and just stop when we doubt, concentrate again, look and continue.
Once more, I was reminded about how important it is to just let go... don't care about lines, don't care about mistakes -you are just drawing, what can go wrong?-, don't care about anything and just let the line flow... let it go.

Here one of my sketches.
(About the shadow at the bottom: that's what happen when you wait until the last minute of the day to take a picture with a very ordinary camera...)

4 comentarios:

  1. That's really nice. And I love the lesson. I'm trying to learn that myself.

  2. Very nice sketch! I just started attending a life drawing session too, after a couple years of not doing this. I was surprised by how I have to get my whole body back into it again! You are so right about the relaxing and not caring. I find myself, and my lines, very timid and self conscious.

  3. Die Skizze finde ich richtig gut.
    Sie erinnert etwas an die Skizzen von Egon Schiele.